False eyelashes, something every little girl has played with

russian-volume-eyelash-extensionsFalse eyelashes, something every little girl has played with at least once in her life. What started in the early 1900’s when film star Seena Owen wore the first pair crafted for a film Intolerance, cascaded into a riot of women demanding that they too get the chance to have longer, more alluring lashes. In the years to come beauty products and false eyelashes have seen many changes, and many improvements, but none so full as this.
The credit to who originally began the fad of eyelash extensions is still up for debate, some say Japan while others argue it was Korea, however by the 1960’s the world’s women were addicted to the idea of longer fuller eyelashes. Hollywood and similar film companies bombarded women with the image of what beauty really looked like. The demand only increased as ladies became incensed with the idea that they needed longer Russian volume eyelash extensions. Thus beauty experts worked on refining their craft of creating longer lasting, and more realistic eyelash extension.

Down through the years we have seen many fashions come and go as styles change and fads fade. However eyelash extensions have remained a constant, though the technology making them has not. Through many attempts, trials and tests many from France to Germany, Australia to the United States, thousands were trying to perfect and create the ideal eyelash extension. However in the modern day beauty parlour women need not fear the archaic practice of sewing eyelash extensions into their eyelids as there has been a safer and simpler procedure that has been presented to the general populace.

In the year 2005 eyelash extensions were refined, using the process of applying each individual strand of fiber hair to the existing eyelash using a small amount of medical grade bonding agent. Not only does this allow a longer lasting look, the eyelash extensions show a marked increase in resistance to water and a longer lifespan only falling out when the existing eyelash detaches naturally from the eyelid. This is a drastic difference as temporary lashes were only designed to last 1-2 days, while eyelash extensions could endure up to 3-4 weeks.

Fake Russian volume eyelash extensions come in a variety of colors and fibers, with prices ranging anywhere between $100-$500, allowing even the average woman to look fabulous. The most expensive fibers to use for eyelash extensions is Genuine Siberian Mink fur, preferred due to its lightweight and feathery appearance, not to mention their durability. Other fibers came in synthetic, silk, human hair or even polyester. As the world of false 3D Russian volume eyelash extensions has expanded and developed, so has the process. Now Lash Stylists can find schools where they can gain licensing and learn advanced techniques to aid them in perfecting their craft.

With the advent of continuing shifting fashion, beauty professionals everywhere continue to research new and better ways to provide quality product for the women of the world, all eagerly awaiting the next innovation that will eventually stock the shelves of their local shop.

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